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5 Ways To Stop Wasting Food: Essential Meal Planning

In my previous post I talked about those times we pop into a shop and come out with a basket full of stuff when all we needed was one thing. Well that kind of behaviour is one of the many reasons we end up wasting food and ALOT of it! So this post, as promised, is to offer advice about how we pull our horns in and stop chucking stuff into landfill like it’s going out of fashion, or should I say date!

Did you know?

If food waste were a country, it would be the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, behind the U.S. and China. How crazy is that! No blaming anyone else now guys, it’s time to check your bins and make a change!

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Grocery shopping

Grocery shopping and the dangers of convenience stores!

So many things to buy!

I wonder how many of us have had that conversation with the checkout staff when grocery shopping that goes something like… ‘I only came in for a loaf of bread!’ yet you’ve managed to fill a basket, at the very least?!

I’m pretty confident that it would be most of us. I for one have done it soooo many times, although these days I’m thrilled to say that I’m far less negligent when it comes to buying groceries and am confident that I’ve more or less mastered how to avoid lining the pockets of these massive organisations, because let’s face it they’re rich enough!

If we want to watch the pennies then popping into a supermarket, or even the local shop, can be a seriously dangerous overspending trap. Unless of course you’re insanely disciplined, but I bet not many of you can admit to walking past the chocolate promotions when just popping in for some washing powder. I mean four Snickers bars for £1 is too much of a bargain to turn down, isn’t it?!

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