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Groundhog day… eeeeek!

When I sat down at my desk to write a much overdue blog post, the thoughts that came into my head about what to write all felt a bit ‘deja vu’. I paused for a moment and then scrolled back through the past few blogs… ahhh yes, see ‘The trials and tribulations of having a needy three month old’ and simply switch the three month old to ‘five month old’ and the same more or less applies! Oh dear, I’m feeling very Bill Murray right now and as I stare at my screen I fear that writers block has kicked in… for all of about two seconds!

Of course, I haven’t got writers block! I’m a blog waffler, give me a keyboard and some peace and quiet and I’ll go on for hours about more or less anything that pops into my head! Hmmm, now that could be entertaining! However, for the sake of you readers and keeping a little bit of a theme going on I’ll talk about the same kind of stuff that I’ve been telling you for the past few months, mainly so you don’t think I’m a total loon bouncing from one fad to the next! That might be true though but sshhhhh!!

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The trials and tribulations of having a needy 3 month old…

So I have to look back to last week and have a little chuckle to myself… Remember the second to last blog where I got all enthusiastic because I’d managed to write a whole post without being interrupted (mainly because I had the little one sound asleep in my arms and I typed the whole thing on my phone with one hand!) and with this excitement bubbling I had plans to post a new recipe everyday following that! Well eight days have passed since then and I’ve managed one measily recipe!

There’s part of me that finds this infuriating, as I just want to write and get really stuck into this blogging lark but then there’s another part of me that tries to calm this ultra ego down and remind myself that in fact it is somewhat demanding having a three month old baby that generally won’t let you out of their sight, needs feeding (ALOT) and nappies changed almost as often! I also have a decent sized ‘to do’ list including things that have to be higher up on my priority list than blogging (you know things like my ‘real’ work, keeping the school PTA accounts up to date, school runs, spending time with my Daughter, showering, food shopping, washing clothes, food prep and cooking), so when the little person decides he is going to have a sleep somewhere sensible like his own bed or strapped into a bouncy chair I have to think on my feet and move quickly because this could be a two hour sleep or a ten minute nap and I’ve got to get through as much of this stuff as I possibly can in this time! There’s none of this ‘sleep when your baby sleeps’ wonderful theory going on in this house, I can tell you!

I should add that I’m not moaning about life as it is at the moment, because there are plenty of lovely things I have been doing whilst the lad is wide awake. Generally this involves seeing friends, walking, drinking tea (and sometimes wine if it’s the weekend!) and on occasions there might even be a cake appearance! So as you can see, life is pretty lovely right now and very well balanced I’d say. We’ve even managed to wean him onto a bottle too so I express one every morning and have actually been out with two separate groups of friends in the last week! Grease open air at Blickling Hall on Saturday night and out for dinner and to see Bridget Jones on Wednesday! Who says you can’t have a social life once you’ve got children?!

In terms of a quick fitness update I’m really pleased with how I’m getting on. Last week I went for two runs and did my workout three times and this week so far I’ve done my workout once and run three times. My diet has remained pretty healthy and balanced but I’m continually working on improving that with the help of Hanna Baxter (Hanna Baxter Fitness) and a plan that there’s always time for treats each week. This after all is a plan to create a sustainable healthy life forever more, so fasting or cutting out every treat would no doubt wear thin very quickly. This way, I think I can easily keep it up! 

Three weeks in and feeling great! Hurray! 


Fitness and good food makes me happy!

It’s been nine days now since I officially started the fitness challenge and I have to say I’m feeling good. However, it hasn’t been like that everyday…

Now, what you’re probably expecting me to say is something to the tune of ‘It’s been so hard exercising when I’m too tired or fitting it in between a restless baby and tired school girl’, however this is not the case! In such a short time something strange appears to have happened to me… I’m turning into a fitness junkie! Ok, so this is a slight exaggeration but I have to tell you that in the first week I made up a workout on Monday morning and then I carried out my circuits from Hanna Baxter Fitness three times (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) as well as a 2 mile run (well technically a jog, but you’ve got to start somewhere!) on Friday morning before the school run. I also managed to do over 10,000 steps on my rest days (Tuesday and Thursday) and Sunday considerably less whilst sauntering around a local family tractor / harvest event. However, when it came to Sunday evening I realised that I had probably been a bit tetchy from late afternoon onwards and realised that perhaps this was because of the simple fact that I hadn’t exercised enough! Could it be that in such a short time my body has got used to being more active and it is already addicted?! So, not wanting to risk this more miserable me making an appearance again, so far this week I’ve done the following and I’m happy as a pig in…

Monday: Circuits in the morning and racked up 10,000 steps

Tuesday: 2 mile jog


The other thing that makes me really happy about this new healthy style living is of course the delicious food that I’ve been preparing and eating. Anyone that knows me will be well aware of my addiction to food, in particular ‘good food’, so this exercise is the perfect excuse for me to have my head stuck in recipe books, meal planning and preparing all kinds of delights!

A few of these I promised I’d share, so keep your eyes peeled over the coming days and I’ll post the recipes for some of the meals I’ve prepared lately. My aim is to publish one simple recipe roughly everyday, so feel free to give me a nudge if you don’t see anything new for a while!


At this point I should mention my new toy… a NutriBullet!
I have wanted one for a while and so far it has surpassed my expectations. I can’t believe how quickly and well it blends up fruits and veg for a smoothie. I’ve also used it to blend up a rice based breakfast pot, a chocolate and avocado ganache for a vegan tart I was making, the mixture for protein balls and fruit purees to liven up our yoghurts. Best of all it’s quick to use and so easy to clean. It’s uses are endless! I absolutely love this bit of kit! If you’ve got one I’d love to know your favourite bullet recipes so please comment below if you’re happy to share…


The fitness mission has begun!

If you read my previous blog post you’ll know that I have just started a new pretty serious fitness regime. When I say serious, what I basically mean is that I plan to stick to it this time! It’s a lifestyle change more than anything so don’t worry I have no plans to start going to the gym everyday or let anything get in the way of the time I spend with the kiddies. It’s about making a plan that fits around them and keeps me fit and healthy at the same time. With a gorgeous 5 year old and a handsome little three month old I don’t plan on having anymore children, so now is the time to get my body back into shape and give my fitness levels a boost.

This all began yesterday and armed with a pack from Hanna Baxter Fitness containing my personalised nutrition suggestions and a bespoke fitness regime of cardio based circuits, that I can easily do from home, I was ready! 

I was even more ready being as I had prepared some food basics the day before all ready for the week ahead…

Jamie Oliver’s Granola Dust (to use with yoghurt, in pancakes, for porridge and much more).

My Delicious Healthy Granola


1 tbsp melted coconut oil

5 tbsp honey

0.5 tsp vanilla extract

150g rolled oats

50g of mixed seeds

50g of your chosen unsalted nuts

50g of your chosen dried fruit

25g coconut flakes 


– Preheat your oven to 150C/fan 130C/gas mark 2

– Mix the oil, honey and vanilla in a bowl. Tip in oats, seeds and nuts and mix well.

– Spoon the mixture onto a baking tray and spread evenly. Bake for around 20-30 mins or until golden, then mix in the coconut and dried fruit and set aside to cool. The granola can be stored in an airtight container for up to a month.

Delicious served with Greek yoghurt or just milk. I like to use almond or coconut milk to make it even tastier and all the more healthy.

Jamie’s pretty fruit pots: (I can’t find this recipe online so have detailed below)

My advice would be to make about 2 per person ahead max as they will only keep nice in the fridge for a couple of days. Therefore my adapted recipe for about 4 or 5 of these is:


200g of peeled bananas

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

300ml of almond milk

60g of sesame seeds

150g Frozen Fruit (I used a mixture of raspberries and blueberries but you could use any berries or even mango)

1/2 lime


– Blend 150g of banana with 150g of the milk and vanilla extract.

– Pour into glasses and pop into the fridge to start setting.

– Meanwhile blend frozen fruit with remaining banana, milk and the lime juice until smooth.

– Divide this between the glasses by pouring over a spoon over the top of the first layer.

– Put back into fridge until ready to eat and top with granola, fresh fruit or yoghurt before you dive in!

I also marinated and cooked up a batch of chicken for us to use for lunches (chicken salads, wraps, with cous-cous etc).

When it came to Monday I was awake at 6am, as was my Daughter in excitement for starting back at school. This was a cracking start! So the two of us crept downstairs whilst the little one slept and did a twenty minute gentle core workout and a few weights. It’s actually really fun doing a workout with kids and she was really getting into it, if not slightly in the way, but her joining me was definitely making this first step easier. She wanted to copy me with the weights so I gave her a couple of small tins to use which she found particularly hilarious, as you would at five years old I suppose! 

After I’d finished pumping iron and then pumping milk for the boy we had breakfast together with my Husband James too. This never happens midweek! It was really lovely to get to spend some time together just the three of us and have a giggle without one of us having to step away to feed or rock the baby. No offence little boy, I love you to pieces but this stuff with your Sister is important too as she’s been really patient these last three months. I hope that we manage to maintain this breakfast routine (arghhh I said routine, I hate routine! However, in school term time there is no getting away with it, so in this situation I’ll embrace it!)

With the school runs I clocked up about 2 miles of walking whilst carrying my 12lb bundle of joy! This has got to help in the grand scale of things hasn’t it?!

During the day I enjoyed a chicken salad, protein shake and a little chocolate nature bite from Hench Nutrition as well as ALOT of water. I think I clocked up almost three litres by the time the day was over and weirdly it wasn’t difficult either. I’ve got a 250ml glass that I leave beside the sink and everytime I’m near I knock back a couple of glasses, simples!

I have to admit that as delicious as all of this stuff was I did go through a stage of feeling pretty hungry but that was when the shake and snack picked me up. I need to take into account that I am exclusively breastfeeding my son so it is uber important that I eat enough so that we both have all the nutrients we need to stay strong and for my son to grow nicely. That is top priority at the moment.

Just when I thought I’d done all the exercise I thought I’d do on my first day James (who’s doing this regime with me) suggested that we do the circuits that Hanna had sent us that evening before dinner. Usually we eat as a family but as it was our Daughters first day at school I gave her something else earlier. Once she was in bed we took it in turns holding the little one and did our workouts. Wow, they were tough! I’ve never seen James as exhausted as that before! My legs nearly gave way on my way upstairs afterwards! All good signs that we will see some impressive results I hope! 

Dinner was eaten at top speed after showers and I followed with a huge bowl of yoghurt and granola to fill me up. Bed was welcome! All in all a good first day I think!

Courgetti for me & cous cous for James

Let me know if you fancy joining me and changing your lifestyle for the better… 

No more excuses, no more fads, time to have a sustainable healthy lifestyle for a fitter and happier me!

I guess I’ve always been relatively healthy and probably somewhere around average in terms of general fitness, which is fine, but as my body clock ticks on I can feel a little more strain than I could a few years back and with two children under six years old I personally feel an obligation to be equipped with enough energy to run around with them as long as they want me to. Ok, I admit it, I want to be the big kid Mum hanging off the climbing frame at the park and body surfing in the sea with my little people, whilst the majority of other parents are watching on with a middle aged spread and lack of pizzazz, longing for their kids to look at them with the awe that they have for this lively fourty something year old (I’m not fourty yet by the way, but by the time my three month old is riding waves I’ll have reached that milestone!)

So, you might be wondering where I am in terms of my fitness levels right now? Pretty low, in fact probably lower than I’ve been for a long while and here’s my excuse… I had my son twelve weeks ago and haven’t done any proper exercise for about ten months now. I had planned to continue running (something I used to sporadically do) through my pregnancy, but I had problems with sciatica for the first 5-6 months which prevented me from doing this and all of the circuit training type exercises I had been doing in the first few months gradually became less and less frequent as I got more and more uncomfortable. I know some women manage to exercise throughout the nine months but if I’m perfectly honest part of me gave up a little bit with these aches and pains and I knew they were only temporary so took it as a message from the gods for me to put my feet up for a little while, thinking that my time to really go for it in terms of fitness will be once I’ve had this baby. No excuses then, it’s my time to get fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been before. So here I am and I’m ready! 

Now you might be wondering what I’m goin to do to get so fit and healthy… sign up to a marathon or better still a triathlon or an iron man competition perhaps? Wooooahhh slow down folks, one step at a time! I did mention sustainable in the title of this blog post so there will be absolutely no crash dieting or running five miles a day asap. No sireee! It’s all about being healthier on a day to day basis and gradually implementing more regular training. What that training will be I’m not entirely sure at this stage as I have entrusted myself under the wings of personal trainer ‘Hanna Baxter’ who will be coming up with a bespoke fitness and healthy eating plan to help me meet my personal goals and something I will be able to foster on an ongoing basis to be that energetic look I described earlier!

I always think that when taking on big challenges like this it’s easier not to blunder when you’re answerable to someone, so what about if I actually made myself accountable to the thousands of you that read my blog? Seems like a pretty solid pledge to me, so below I have noted my goals and you are free to watch and read my progress on here and across the many social media channels I post to and pick me up if I’m slipping. Pat me on the back when I’m winning too if you like! 

1) I’m carrying an additional stone in weight than before I got pregnant so I’d like to shift that by the end of November.
2) Eat a healthy but achievable diet every day with the odd treat a must (I did say sustainable didn’t I and we all need a vice or two! Mine might be wine…)

3) Fit enough to enter some physical challenges next year (what type to be decided by Christmas).

4) Fit enough to keep up with the kids for the next 20 years at least! 

5) Vanity bit (added bonus) – I’d like a lot more definition to my stomach, bum and thighs and to get rid of the impending bingo wings before they start!

Next up, I will be disclosing the details of my first week once I start on Monday, including food and exercise plans and then an update of how I get on. Watch this space and let me know if you’re doing anything similar!

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