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war against terror

The war against terror and wrapping our children up so tight that they can’t breathe…

They were jumping and dancing and singing out loud,

having a ball and rocking the crowd.

A place full of innocence, laughter and fun,

in seconds became where hell had begun.

Whilst these children were having the time of their lives,

a brain washed radical with a bomb arrives.

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Grocery shopping

Grocery shopping and the dangers of convenience stores!

So many things to buy!

I wonder how many of us have had that conversation with the checkout staff when grocery shopping that goes something like… ‘I only came in for a loaf of bread!’ yet you’ve managed to fill a basket, at the very least?!

I’m pretty confident that it would be most of us. I for one have done it soooo many times, although these days I’m thrilled to say that I’m far less negligent when it comes to buying groceries and am confident that I’ve more or less mastered how to avoid lining the pockets of these massive organisations, because let’s face it they’re rich enough!

If we want to watch the pennies then popping into a supermarket, or even the local shop, can be a seriously dangerous overspending trap. Unless of course you’re insanely disciplined, but I bet not many of you can admit to walking past the chocolate promotions when just popping in for some washing powder. I mean four Snickers bars for £1 is too much of a bargain to turn down, isn’t it?!

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Bad days and glad days. Day 2…

Oh dear, I really shouldn’t have left it a week before writing about Day 2, the glad days! Baby brain is in full swing and for about five minutes I’ve been clawing through my memory to try and recall what happened on the ‘glad day’. Ahhh that’s it, I didn’t have a breakdown, actually I didn’t even cry and it’s possible that I might have laughed… a few times perhaps!

Day 2:

Possibly brought on by the previous days stresses I woke up with a headache and it escalated by the time I got back from the school run into what felt like the onset of a migraine. I decided to embrace the fact that I might actually have to put my feet up for a change, made a drink and cosied up on the sofa with the boy. This is a very rare sight in our house as usually I don’t even enter the lounge during the day until my Daughter get’s home from school. I fed the little one and it wasn’t long before he was asleep so I thought I’d try popping him upstairs in his cot so that I could really relax and try to shift this feeling of nausea and like someone was working their way through my skull with an axe! After I’d wobbled up the stairs I successfully put him to bed and managed to walk out without him waking up. He stayed asleep there for… wait for it! Two hours! This is a first people! Usually, if I’m lucky enough for him to take a nap it will be whilst we’re driving somewhere (which doesn’t count for me!) or if at home it will be between 5 minutes and half an hour. Two hours was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

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Motherhood. Bad days and glad days! Day 1.

This right here is an honesty post for parents who are or have been the main carers for a child, especially through the baby stages. I’m not going to gloss over the bad days of motherhood with rose tinted glasses and pretend that life with your new bundle of joy is all giggles and kisses. We all know too well this isn’t the case and trust me when I tell you that I’ve got no room for bullshit in my account of this journey today. Can you tell it’s been a rollercoaster kind of week for me already!

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Friends and family… how lucky am I!

Dear friends…

I’ve been sitting at my desk for the past hour just gathering my thoughts after one of the busiest weeks I’ve had for a long while. Although I’m totally exhausted and possibly a little tipsy, I thought that maybe I should write a short blog to show that it’s ok to express how you’re feeling. This might be whether you’ve got something particularly interesting to say or not. Feelings and showing them is something I’m not especially good at generally but I feel like with a blog I can hide behind the t’internet a bit! Naive? Yes of course! But like I said, I’m a bit tipsy so who knows I might press publish and it could take me until at least lunchtime tomorrow to realise (probably when friends mention it to me!) that I’ve even shared these thoughts. By which time it might be too late to retract them! It’s almost like the devil on my shoulder outing my innermost thoughts (well maybe not all of them, ha ha!) Eeeeek!

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