war against terror

The war against terror and wrapping our children up so tight that they can’t breathe…

They were jumping and dancing and singing out loud,

having a ball and rocking the crowd.

A place full of innocence, laughter and fun,

in seconds became where hell had begun.

Whilst these children were having the time of their lives,

a brain washed radical with a bomb arrives.

This person, so sick in the head think’s they’re God,

being in charge of the life we’ve all got.

What gives them the right to hurt and kill,

innocent people at their own free will?

Answers are something hard to come by,

when children are dead and more could die.

How do we win this War against terror?

Do we fight back or is that an error?

It’s time to do nothing, yes that’s it.

Carry on regardless and never quit.

Do nothing you say? But how can that be?

We must stand strong, don’t you see?

If we wrap up our children so tight they can’t breathe,

they will live a life that would make them seethe.

The way we win this arduous fight,

is by getting out there and living our life.

Is it safe to let our children go out?

Of course we should, I have no doubt.

Shoulder to shoulder we stand on this day,

as we will tomorrow whatever they say.

There’s a World out there for us to explore,

and explore we shall ’til we’re full to the core.

So screw you terrorists, you won’t win,

just give up now and take it on the chin.

(I wrote this in memory of all those who lost lives or family members, were injured or mentally scarred by the Manchester bomb at the M.E.N on 22-05-2017. We can’t let the terrorists win!)




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Belgian Stew… in this weather, are you kidding?!


  1. Nicola stokes

    Beautiful darling, thank you for sharing these precious words. Love and thoughts go out to all those affected by the Manchester attack

  2. Jacqui Adams

    Beautifully written Kaori. Wise words. xx

  3. Pauline

    Lovely Kaori and straight from the heart. We can’t imagine what the families of those involved, either killed, injured, or traumatised by the terrible tragedy, are going through !!

  4. Helen

    Good job Kaori – Love it…..So Right ❤

  5. Angi Quenby

    Well done Kaori so wonderfully written

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