Finally the King household is well again and I’m back on it as far as launching the foodie arm of Kaori’s Kitchen is concerned! There’s been a lot of paperwork, buying of packaging, testing of labels, creating the perfect workspace, testing out more recipes and all that kind of jazz happening in the background to ensure I’m ready to officially launch and start selling to the actual public. Why that scares me so much I don’t know!

I’ve spent a lot of time (and I mean ALOT of time) working out how I do this and stay inspired, because I’m not joking when I tell you it’s hard work. Granted if I didn’t have another business, a needy ten month old and the constraints of the school day in terms of dropping off and picking up my five year old Daughter it would be a lot easier, but for now it is what it is so I’ve realised that it can’t be perfect, I can’t be cooking and selling food everyday… yet! The other thing is that as much as I love food if I’m working against a clock, or a screaming baby it might not be overly enjoyable, so I need a spin, something that I can reflect on and get lost in the dishes I prepare. Something where it’s more than just making some meals and selling them to make a bit of money. So here it is… I’ve decided that I am going to combine two loves of mine. Food and Travel. This idea has literally smacked me in the face it’s so obvious! The idea is that I am going to journey my customers around the globe, creating traditional dishes from as many continents as I can, starting with the 32 countries that I’ve travelled to myself.

As soon as I started planning the food that I am going to make in this way, it added a whole new level of excitement to the project and I’m buzzing! I’m also going to write a feature blog article to support each meal by exploring the country, it’s culture, the food and the people. How much more ‘me’ could this venture get!

So that’s it for now, just an update to let you know that I haven’t fallen into my freezer and that things are happening. Next up environmental health will be popping out to give me my hygiene rating and then in May you’ll be able to virtually travel around the world with me and taste my meals, if you’re local and feel so inclined of course!