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2017 in a nutshell

So here I sit on the 31st December 2017… as usual time has flown by and we’re about to hop into another new year. Usually at the end of this month I would have a long list of goals that I would be carefully narrowing down. I’d be pumped about how much I was planning to achieve and I’d probably be feeling pretty triumphant about the year that has passed us by. This time it’s a little different…

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Belgian Stew… in this weather, are you kidding?!

So in my quest to bring you meals from around the globe the next Country on my list was Belgium where I discovered the Belgian stew. Somewhere I have only paid a fleeting day visit, just once as a teenager. We went to Bruges on a school trip. In all honesty, aside from the canals I don’t think my 13 year old self took much else in whilst I was here, well at least I can’t remember much, apart from the naughty stuff everyone got up to!! Whilst I was at school I think this went down in history as one of the most rebellious trips that the school had. Put it this way, the students who went got a little carried away on the ferry and there were a lot of kids smoking and getting drunk! Do kids even know what smoking is these days? Oh how times have changed! 

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war against terror

The war against terror and wrapping our children up so tight that they can’t breathe…

They were jumping and dancing and singing out loud,

having a ball and rocking the crowd.

A place full of innocence, laughter and fun,

in seconds became where hell had begun.

Whilst these children were having the time of their lives,

a brain washed radical with a bomb arrives.

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Australian food

Down Under for some Australian food

The first country that I’m going to virtually transport you to is Australia and not just because it begins with the letter ‘A’ and that’s an easy place to start (although that does have a little to do with the choice because I can be pretty darn methodical when I want to and yes I have a list, which is of course alphabetical AND YES there ‘might’ have been some highlighter use!) but mostly I’ve chosen it because it’s a place that has very sentimental memories for me. If you haven’t read about my time here then feel free to check out this much older post for a bit of background, as I don’t want to repeat myself for the sake of my hardcore blog followers. If such a person or people actually exist! So onto Australian food…

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around the world

Around the World with Kaori’s Kitchen…

Finally the King household is well again and I’m back on it as far as launching the foodie arm of Kaori’s Kitchen is concerned! There’s been a lot of paperwork, buying of packaging, testing of labels, creating the perfect workspace, testing out more recipes and all that kind of jazz happening in the background to ensure I’m ready to officially launch and start selling to the actual public. Why that scares me so much I don’t know!

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